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CPA or "Cost-Per-Action" advertising is one of the most efficient and fastest growing online pricing models available today.  By providing affiliates with ads that are targeted specifically to their site's traffic, TargetedCPA is taking this very profitable model to the next level!

Typical pay-per-click (PPC), or cost-per-impression (CPI,CPM) advertisements only convert to a sale if the potential buyer happens upon an ad that gets his or her attention - which is a very scattered approach.  What if you could present potential buyers with the exact products they are looking for, right at the moment when they are most open to a sale?

Now you can, and here's how it works...                 

  • A potential buyer goes to a major search engine looking for a product or service.
  • You have a site that sells or promotes such a product/service, which you'd like to monetize through our advertisements. (You've tried AdSense ads, but they don't convert your traffic as efficiently or profitably as you'd like). If your site is relevant to their search it will rank and the potential buyer clicks through to your site.
  • Our technology enables the placement of highly TargetedCPA ads throughout your site, all relevant to the potential buyers initial search.
  • Our system only places a targeted ad if the buyer is looking for a specific product or service.  Therefore, if someone lands on your page from somewhere other than a SERP, your site can be set to default back to your generic ad network, or no ads at all, depending on your preference.
  • TargetedCPA ads have a much higher conversion ratio than typical ads, so you are capitalizing on the most efficient way to monetize your web site's traffic, right at the moment in time that the potential buyer is most open to a purchase. This results in more sales, and you earn a hefty commission!
  • If that buyer makes another purchase several weeks, or even months down the road you get paid again on the new residual sale as well!

Our database consists of millions of products, each just waiting to be shown to the right buyer at just the right time.

And remember, TargetedCPA ads can be placed in your page wherever and however you'd like....be creative and make some money!

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