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CPA (cost per action) advertising is one of the most effective online pricing models available today. By providing affiliates with advertisements that are targeted specifically to their site's traffic, is taking this very profitable model to the next level!

Advertisers are happy to pay through CPA advertising since it's a guaranteed return on investment. Affiliates know they can make great money in this area, but it's difficult to consistently match a potential buyer with the advertisement that will make them act

This is where our system comes in.  You focus on the traffic, and we will provide the conversions needed to increase your profits! 


How It Works

  • Simply place TargetedCPA's ad code in your page.


  • When your site attracts traffic from a SERP, visitors see ads specifically targeted to their search.


  • You earn a commission on every sale, as well as future residual sales!


  • Simple, efficient, and VERY profitable. Sign up today and try it out, you won't be disappointed!

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